Our Mission

To build capacities of the youth through effective resource mobilization for education, training, and skills development by effectively partnering with government agencies, civil society organizations, communities, and other stakeholders.

Our Vision

The vision of RTF is:

A world where everyone has unhindered access to and participation in quality education.

Rainbow Trust Foundation believes that the youth of Ghana are our future; the future of Ghana, socially, economically and politically depends largely on how we nurture the next generation. It is the responsibility of the older generation to ensure that the youth of the nation receive the needed supports to develop to their fullest potential.  It is also the right of every young person to have adequate and economically relevant skills and training that guarantee decent livelihood.

We recognize the fact that Ghana is not alone in grappling with the issues of the youth; unemployment and related social canker. However, while countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom make the effort to confront the issues through research, Ghana has not succeeded in either quantifying the issues or responding with comprehensive and lasting solutions. Uncertain economic times, massive unemployment resulting from inadequate and inappropriate training for the job market, lack of comprehensive social protection systems, and breakdown of the family unit have exacerbated the crisis. Rainbow trust foundation believes that there is no better time to act than now.  We therefore seek to mobilize resources to help make quality education accessible to every child in Ghana.