Rainbow Trust Foundation (RTF) is a Non-Governmental Organisation which seeks to aid underprivileged communities and schools with the necessary academic materials and tools to enable them to give their best to the community and country at large. The organisation strongly believes that the mind contains a lot of capabilities. The ability of the mind to explore and store useful information which is mostly underused due to lack of resources is common in most parts of our country, Ghana.

From preschool through to higher education, there has been the lack of academic materials either to share amongst or to even send a child home with one to broaden their knowledge and therefore the only time one mostly gets access to these books is just in school and afterwards the child has to find a way to get answers to questions they are presented with when growing up.

 Research has indicated the difficulty in students in higher education to research or read extensively about a lot of things which shows a lot in their presentation of solutions and ideas concerning matters of importance. We strongly believe all these stems from the lack of academic resources and the passion we did not get from the beginning due to lack of materials to arouse the enthusiasm in us.

The Organisation was established in the year 2013 out of the passion Ms Joyce Phyllis Ampofo developed during her teaching years at Klagon, a sub-urban community in the Tema Metropolis. Ms Ampofo had to find means to provide academic materials and sometimes even sponsor the fees of some of these underprivileged students to enable them stay in school and receive education.

In March 2015, Rainbow Trust Foundation was officially registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation under the codes of Ghana with the sole objective to work and liaise with other partners and sponsors in improving children’s access to quality education.

The main Partner of RTF is BookAid International which is in the United Kingdom. The Charity Organisation namely BookAid International has continuously over the years provided RTF with the academic materials and tools that has been distributed all over the horizons of Ghana and beyond.

The Foundation presently is on track to set up two of the major projects that defines them and that is the establishment of mobile /community libraries and school libraries. Mobile /community libraries will serve as a great means for children when they get home from school especially on weekends and on vacations. The books provided for these projects will be deposited in these libraries so that children can access them to improve their knowledge base. These books will also help them in completing school assignments and research.

Rainbow Trust Foundation provides academic tools from elementary through to the postgraduate level and therefore our scope of reach is unlimited. The Foundation has also for the past years funded the fees of underprivileged children to enable them to continue their education.